August 23

And Now… I’m Falling in Love…

What you gonna do if you have a chance to hate someone you really love?

What you gonna do if you have a chance to forget someone you know really well if they won’t easy to disappear from your mind?

What you gonna do if you found a reason to leave someone you know won’t just let you go?

Will you take it?

Or you still deny it and make an excuses, so you do nothing except trying to make them looks always right?


Usually, we’re all on denial when it comes to love.

We make them looks like a perfect person for us, even we know they are not.

We make them really fit with us, make us think if they are everything, and don’t want to care if they have nothing…




Something we know more than a feel to make us happy, it’s also something than can destroy us, make us really stupid without knowing which side our stupidity is..


And now…

I’m falling in love…

with you…

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Posted August 23, 2016 by Herrommy Dimas Alamsyah in category "Celoteh Herrommy

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just someone who never give up his dreams no matter how many times bad thing happens

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